Start Your Engines

Get comfortable, this may take a while. MsJuls/Flickr

I’m finally taking the leap and beginning this blog. It’s taken me some time to commit to a first posting for a multitude of reasons. First, I tend to be a perfectionist. When I am given the option, I will throw out anything I find to be less than exemplary of what I am capable of because, well, why settle for anything less? Second, I am also a procrastinator. While I ALWAYS make sure to meet deadlines and manage my time well, I will wait until it is absolutely dire for me to begin to produce anything to get crackin’. So, I guess I am what you call a procrastinating perfectionist — which usually amounts to me, in the wee hours of the night, churning something out that may not be the next great American novel, but it’s not half bad.

In this blog, you will find many more posts similar to the rant I just went on that will focus on my trials and tribulations in trying to figure out how to make the best of my last year at Marist College. Since no one really enjoys listening to another person’s worries when they have so many of their own, and we all have enough on our plates, this will also be a place where you voice your concerns, ask questions, start discussions about whatever you find to be the biggest challenges and concerns, and just generally help each other out. Articles, podcasts and videos will soon be featured where you can look for guidance from authority figures who have been in our shoes, know how it feels to look for that first job, and can give us some insight on what it takes to begin that career we’ve all been preparing for for the past three or so years.

So sit back, get your resume ready and enjoy taking a peak at The Cheat Sheet!


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